Friday, April 8, 2011

Tutorial Friday? - Hooded Bath Towel plus fixing your flaws

You might be thinking..."Two tutorials this week? Are you sure?" 
I'm sure! 
I thought a little weekend project would be perfect for you folks. 

There are a few items I'm going to feature as my "favorite gifts". 
This is definitely one of them.
My friend Amy H. in TX gave Evie a hooded towel when she was born. 
We use it NONSTOP! 
Hooded Bath Towel

What you will need:
-Sewing Machine
-Matching thread to your towels
-1 bath towel
- 1 hand towel
- Scissors

The first thing I do is mark the center of my bath towel 
so I know where I want the center of the hood to be.

Then move onto your hand towel. 
If you are using a smaller towel for a smaller child, 
it may be necessary to cut your hand towel in half(width wise not length wise) to make it size appropriate. I just used it as is, and realized it was HUGE so I had to make an edit which I'll explain in a bit.

Fold your hand towel(or half of hand towel)in half like this:

Now stitch with the fold at the top, pin up the left side and stitch
using a strong stitch. As usual I used triple.
Pinned left edge
Once the seam is sewn, I open the hood to make the triangle shape like this.

Lay your hood open so that your seam is up the middle of the back.
I have the hood flipped RIGHT side out and the back bottom of it lined up with the top trim of the towel.

 Now you will want to pin the hood to the towel.
It will curve as you pin. Be sure to keep the edges lined up.
I opened it up so you could see what the back should look like after you stitch it.

Stitch hood to towel. Again with a very strong stitch.
See #18.....that is the stitch I'm using.
I ran out of bobbin thread.
Okay so I messed mine up by NOT cutting my hand towel in half. The hood was SO large it was too big for me. So I had to rip a bit of the seam on each edge of the hood and fold it back into itself. Then pin and sew so mine looks like this:
Inside of the hood.
Outside of the hood. You can see the stitch I had to make.
And now it sits right.

You can add your own personal applique touches using THIS tutorial, 
but be sure whatever fabric you use is sturdy enough to handle the washing with towels. 

I also made the green and dark green stripe one without so many issues because I went ahead and cut that towel.

Hope you enjoy saving about $13 dollars on your hooded towel.
I paid $7 total for the towel and hand towel at Walmart, and found the same thing online for $20.

Enjoy your weekend



  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I'm going to figure a way to whip one up :) They were selling some at the Flowertown Festival for $35 - yikes! They were a little festive, but still...

  2. Oh my, I love this! I am so going to make one.. maybe for my little pug! Or Bo, haha!! I can't wait to try it!

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