Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Cup Cake Wreath

I'm sure you've seen a version of this somewhere, but I've never seen one like this with cup cake papers.

This project is a bit more of am undertaking time wise than I realized. To be honest, I'm not even done with it, but maybe we can have a little contest and see if anyone can beat me to the finish line.

Here is what you'll need:
- cup cake liners
- hot glue gun
- a blank foam wreath
- scissors

Start by rolling the paper like so:

And cut off the pointed bottom at your own desired length. I chose to do all different lengths to give it some depth.

Next, place a good amount of hot glue around the bottom and apply to wreath like this:

Easy enough right. Just repeat about a million times.

It works best for me when I glue the rolled paper shut.

I am loving the way mine looks. Almost like coral, which beds a neat element to our bedroom. Can't wait to get it finished and show it off.


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