Caught My Eye

This is just a crazy compilation of anything that is or has caught my eye and will be constantly changing. I'll ad little comments about anything I buy/try/or experience in case any of these things catch your eye too! 

April 4-8th

Things I couldn't stop staring at:

This week I have my eye on Gussy Sews
This is from her online shop. Check her out! If I were Rachel Zoe... "I Die" for her designs!
Next was this dress from BohemianPrep on Etsy.
Photo taken from their Etsy. shop.              
I have a wedding to go to in May, 
and I think I'll be wearing this little beauty!

Now for some Blogs I can't stop checking:
Doing fantastic things to shine a little light!
 All things
 Serious talent, open book, faithful beautiful momma
Helping me figure it out:
putting it all out there.
My guilty pleasure! 

Still loving this a TON.
Any of my crafty friends know how to make bikinis?

I've never seen a cut so amazing for top and bottom in one suit! 
Where? Here!! 

Hey Mommy friends and those of us who just HAD to have hair last summer that required a TON of processing...check this out:
This is a FANTASTIC shampoo and conditioner that will not break out your skin and will revive your struggling hair. 
And this:
Is a miracle pre-styling spray in product that does it all. 
Don't know what I'm talking about? Maybe you're still nursing. Here's a spoiler: your hair will likely change texture and fall out when you stop. Just sayin'

And for everyone else:

Working on me is sometimes the very best thing that I can give to others. 
I got the sweetest letter today from a friend in IL saying that she sometimes wishes I were her neighbor. All of the girls I listed today ..... I totally wish they were my neighbor. 
Be the kind of person someone wants to live next to! (If you read this Michelle, that made my day!)

xoxo - Courtney