Friday, April 22, 2011

Pouring out what's "On My Heart"

I'm linking up with Casey for her "On Your Heart" Friday link up.

This week it's so simple, yet so complex.

I know you love me.
I know you prayed for me and still do often.
I know you have had dreams for me since I was born.

You raised me to trust you. To trust God.
I struggle with the correct order.

I love you.
I seek your approval.
I want you to be pleased with me.
I need you to be proud of me.

I do trust you, and I also trust God.
I am trying to trust him above all else.

His dreams for me might be different than yours.
What he calls me to do might not be anything like what he has called you to do.
It might be so far outside your comfort zone.
It might make you nervous.

You don't have to agree.
You don't have to approve.

I'm just asking that YOU trust ME.
Trust your prayers for me.
Trust his faithfulness to you and to me.
Trust that you have trained up your child to be God fearing and God trusting.
Even when you don't see how or why,
Even when you think I'm trying too hard, or caring too much.
Even when you think I will get hurt,

I need you to support me.
I need you to hug me and tell me that you are proud.
I need you to pray for me. For my discernment, faith, and confidence.
I need you to let me blossom even if it is totally different from your experiences.

I'm not done growing.
I haven't "arrived"
I need you to celebrate my successes and hold me when I fail.
I need you to motivate me with positive support and not hold me back with "I wouldn't"s or "honey I'm not sure you can handle that"

I am strong, and I am confident, and he IS leading me.
My opportunities in him are limitless.
My switch was only off for a while.
I'm still that same brave girl.
Still in ways that you don't understand.
Still in ways you can't figure out how I came to have.

I'm your little tender hearted dreamer.
I'm your little girl with a big voice and an even bigger heart.
I'm your little girl.

That's what is on my heart this week.




  1. Love it!!!! Yup I'm impressed again and when I read this ..... it sounds just like me!!!!