Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Understanding the Cross..but really Heaven...from a 3yo

How is your Wednesday morning going? Mine is rainy, which made for a perfect sleeping in day for my little one.

My sweet little ones are so amazing to me every day, and with Easter approaching I can't help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness that because of Jesus' sacrifice, my babies have a seat in Heaven.

I decided last night while making bunny cookies for my 3yo's class that it would be a good time to begin explaining the concept of Easter. I began with a cookie shaped like a cross.

"Do you know what this is?"
"A Cross"
"Do you know what it is for? What it means?"
"It's for eating"
"No, well, Yes, but just the cookie ones. There was a different one a long time ago that was used to pay our way to Heaven."
"Heaven is a bird"
"No Heaven is the home of God our Father and his son Jesus Christ. Remember when Adam and Even were in the garden and they disobeyed God?"
"Yes, and then things started going wrong"
"Yes, well, on that day, God said that he would have to send one to save the world so that man may through Christ rejoin him in Heaven"
"Mom, where is Heaven?"
"Up. Um.. Up above the clouds"
"Above the moon?"
"Yes Above the moon and all of the stars"
"When will I go to Heaven again. I was there before I got into your tummy"
"When you die sweetie. Someday your body will get old and you will leave it here on Earth and go to Heaven."
"Mom, when my little bottom gets old and is all cracked out I will go to Heaven and God will give me a new bottom?"
"Sort of. I don't think you'll need a bottom though, because you won't have to go to the bathroom."
"I am just a little guy, and I go poop on my own and I need my bottom so I can be good and get a new transformer from the Easter Bunny."

Well that is just part of the conversation, but I feel good because we started it. With A, nothing ever goes unrepeated so I know we'll talk about it again and likely often.

Discussing this with him was exciting to me. More than I realized it would be. Hearing his excitement, and his explanations for it all was so enchanting. He kept saying "This is why our song says Our God is greater and stronger. He was stronger and had power to come out from the Cross"

He is strong and powerful and AWESOME!

I'm so thankful that Christ is risen!

Happy Easter



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