Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunny Saturday in The South-working and exploring at our house

Sorry that I've been a tad neglectful these last 2 days. 
Here are our Sunny Saturday (although it was a Sunday) photos that I wasn't sure the weather was even going to permit. 
So thankful for the beautiful sunshine. 

Perfect day for trying out the new helicopter
Watching it fly
A litle 4 wheelin', though the battery was...tired
A little hand holdin' because that is what big brothers do

A little bit of being perfect
And the little lady did some discovering...

She found flowers....

And wasn't sure about them...
And we checked out the difference in our shoe sizes...
It was the prefect day for working on refinishing my Grandmother's baby bed...
We don't currently have any grapes growing so this was the perfect spot to hang up the pieces
This is what happens when you use the paint remover. It makes it a LOT easier when there are about 8 coats of white paint and you're trying to protect the integrity of the wood underneath.
And we checked out some more of the beauty in our yard...

Hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine. Sunny or otherwise. 


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