Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh It's's my home.

My parents are moving. 
And as you well know the moving 
process comes with a lot of...

They have sifted through the happy, 
and bid goodbye to the sad. 
They have begun the emotionally 
tiring process of deciding 
which "things" will go and which 
will stay.

I've always been a "keeper", so it is no
surprise to me that my 
sweet momma would have a hard time
letting some things go. 

This process for them prompted me to 
try and figure out why the items
that fill my home are 
where they are, and why they keep
finding their way from 
house to house, state to state. 

At first glance it all looks like "stuff". 
Couches, chairs, tables, lamps, picture frames. 
But upon a deeper look, I find that most of 
my "things" are somehow "personal". 
They aren't here just because I enjoy them.
My creative taste changes too often
to fall back on that excuse for their presence. 

Take these items for example:

This was (other than my hankie) the ONLY 
personalized wedding gift we received and I was 
immediately in LOVE with it! It makes me 
happy and has survived 9 moves with not a mark on it.

This is from my sweet friend Lori and it's personal because
she gave it to me when me moved from SC, AND 
because I tease her about the things she
says and part of that is IN the definition of "The South". 
Also makes me happy EVERY time I stop and look
at it. 

This is the ONLY wedding photo in our home. 
Maybe, and I'll work on that, BUT my parents gave 
us the frame just after our wedding and it too 
has survived every move, and a hurricane. 

Okay so this isn't personal really, but I think
it represents my taste and no matter if my house is 
dark or light colored it will always have a home. 
Even if it stops ticking! 

Funny little tidbit about my husband. 
He loves rooster decor. Now I'm not necessarily 
opposed to it, but it has to be understated. 
No brightly colored rooster frenzy in 
my kitchen or anywhere for that matter. 
I found this little guy at a tea room my Grandmother
loves to eat at called Josephine's when I was expecting 
my son. 
I wanted to bring my man a treat from the trip
and oddly enough I chose home decor. 
He loves it too! (I promise)

My lamp is something I was dreaming of
ever since I saw one very
similar at Pottery Barn. Our walls are dark
so just about everything else in our room
is crisp clean white.
My MIL bought me the matching lamps when
we moved here.
The photos are one that Bradley gave me
of himself when he was little
when we were dating, and the other
is a permanent fixture on our nightstand.
It is a photo that has been on B's nightstand since he
lived at home. His sister Stacie who I never
had the pleasure of meeting as she passed
away much too early.

This is the first piece of art we purchased.
Also a gift for my hubby, and our Entertainment
center was purchased the week before I knew Abram was coming
and stained by my husband. It survived hurricane Ike but when to
live with someone else.
In a surprise turn of was returned to us. I
will NEVER let it go again!

I'll share more later, because we still have
all of the kids' "personal" items to share.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more
by checkin' out what fills my home!


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