Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ask for time and the tv dies?

What are your FAV shows?
Mine change from time to time,
but lately I've been loving:

Coming Home, 
Biggest Loser,
Pretty much anything on TLC,
Sadly I also watch Bravo,
and of course days full of PBS
and Disney.

The one major problem with that is that it EATS my time! 
More than I ever realized. 
Do you have any idea the things you can accomplish in...
30 minutes?

So as I was reading about the disciplined 
use of my time, I began to pray about 
what that meant for me and my down time.

Suddenly my internet QUIT working. 
(whoever says he doesn't listen and answer directly is really missing out)
I NEED it for my business so I was not a
happy camper when this occurred. 

Come to find out the tuner in our tv was old
and sending electric current through our 
cable line causing the internet to go out.

I haven't had TV for about 5 days 
and I've gotten a ton done. 
What is funniest is that I haven't even 
given a single thought to all of those shows
I'd purposefully sit down to watch in the 
evenings after the kids go to bed. 

Adios for now TV. 

p.s. my Proverb a day has really kicked 
my rear end about this too with all of the
verses about being slugish. I 
want to work hard for rewards. Not 
miss them because Housewives were on. 



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