Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

I rarely take photos alone, 
and even when I do I rarely post them.

Enjoy the rare treat:
 We hit up the zoo and I'll have more photos of that in a later post, 
but for today I thought I'd share this one. 
I know it's not Wednesday, but I had so many people
ask me where I got my dress so I thought I'd share.

I hadn't even planned on wearing a dress. 
I didn't want to be the over dressed girl at the zoo.
I did however want to be cool instead of sweaty. 
It worked.

I got the dress recently at Target
It is so comfy. 
Unfortunately though I got the belt 6 years ago 
when I was the assistant manager at The Limited. 

Hope everyone has as pretty of a Saturday as we did! 
Don't forget to share your snapshot!
yellow songbird



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