Friday, February 18, 2011

No Machine "OWLplique" under $10 again!

What you'll need:

Felt in 5 colors. Obviously black and white, but the other 3 are your choice.
Heat&Bond. Comes in a roll. If your Walmart has a sewing department they sell it.
Pellon 808 Craft Fuse backing
Scisors, Thread (white,black, and your 3 colors. I'd recommend a basic little sewing kit. No need for 5 full spools.)
Iron, pencil, and paper. 

The felt, heat&bond,a onesie or shirt, and pellon can all be purchased for under $10 making this another super thrifty way to spice up your child's wardrobe without ever paying overpriced boutique prices.

So I had already cut the wing off of my design before the photo. I'll take this time to remind you not to freak out if things don't go exactly like you wanted when making things. Just push through. You might like the end product better than what you had imagined.

Draw out your design and then trace it onto the smooth side of your heat&bond. (If you are drawing letters or something facing a specific direction.. trace it onto the heat&bond backwards.) Cut out the shapes for your owl.

With this type of design you'll need to cut out each piece so you can iron them all onto their respective colors. Next peal off the paper back and place it on the item you are appliqueing on.

Iron it on. Should take about 30 seconds of heat. Let cook before picking up the item. Now you will iron on the shiny side of the Pellon backing to the inside of the item where the applique is.

Now its time to stitch.

Thread your needle. I use a strand of thread in half so I have 2 lines going through the needle because I want my stitching to really show up.
When you get to a point with a color of thread that you don't want showing just slide your needle through the backing until you are where you need to be. That way you don't have a long loose thread on the inside of your item. If you leave it loose it could tear up easily, or get caught on a baby finger/toe.
When it is time to change colors tie off your thread by slipping it through one of your stitches and making a knot. I usually make 2 or 3 knots.
Once everything is stitched on I always carefully trim the excess backing from around the edges. I don't usually "tear" it away because I don't want it pulling my thread. 
And there you have an easy cute OWLplique without needing a sewing machine. 
Blissful, Thrifty Crafting!

- Court

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