Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun Flirty Skirt

Please ignore my cookie jar. My daughter won't stand still! :)

Okay, this is my very own design and I'm sharing it with you. Here we go starting with what you'll need :
Again this is for 18mos. - 2T. Adjust your measurements accordingly. 
- 3 different fabrics. I spent about $7 total at JoAnne's Fabric.
  - waistband strip is 4 x 39in
  - middle section is 6 x 33in
  - bottom section is 6 x 33in
- Tulle
  - 5 - 6 x 33 inch strips
- 1.5in Elastic Band 16in long (Walmart sells this by the spool (25 yards I think) for $2.
- Scissors, Thread in the color of your choice, pins, sewing machine.
Fold the waistband strip in half and pin so that the face side of fabric is on the inside.
Stitch all the way across. Be sure to stay close to your edge to leave enough room for the elastic inside. I use a zig zag stitch and go over once more with a straight stitch. 

Next flip inside out and iron out flat with the seam at the bottom. Lay on face side of middle section with seam of waistband at the edge of the mid section. Pin into place. I made mine with box pleats.
See the seam of the waistband is at the edge of the face side of the mid section.

again with a zig zag stitch and straight stitch over... this is how it will look once stitched.
How it looks when you flip it up. 
Take a moment to insert the waistband. I use a hard plastic straw. I lay the band tip over it and send a straight pin down through it into the top of the straw. Now I can shove the elastic through. Be sure to pin or stitch the beginning end in place so it doesn't pull all the way through. Then stitch both ends into place at the edge of the waistband fabric... don't sew the ends to one another. 
Now on to adding the tulle and the bottom section all at once. 
First cut the tulle strips so that you have 10 - 3 x 33 inch strips and place all in a stack. Fold in half and stitch up the fold with a single straight stitch.
Lay aside and find your bottom section. If it has a print or a face side make sure you fold it in half with the face side OUT. Straight stitch all the way across. 
Now you will lay the tulle piece and the bottom section upside down on the mid section and pin into place. 
This is the opposite end of the mid section from the waistband. You want the seams to be against this end. 
Stitch all together with the zig zag followed over by the straight.
Now fold entire skirt in half to sew up the back seam. Since multiple prints are being used it is very important that all of your cuts are even, and that you pin the sides to match up. 
Zig Zag and straight down the edge. 
Flip inside out and WEAR! 

For less than $10 you have a trendy boutique flirty skirt. 

Happy Thrifty Crafting



  1. I LOVE this...I'm gonna have to make one for some little stinker!

  2. Okay and questions...what are the box pleats for, how many do you need and how do you make them?

  3. So I wanted the waistband to be EXTRA bunchie so the elastic can fully stretch out. I made the fabric wrap for the elastic longer than the mid section fabric. You don't "have" to do a box pleat. You can just bunch it here and there, but if you sewed it on straight it would have excess on both ends. I can make a "go along" post to this one and show some other options. Maybe I'll even do it in video form so it makes a bit more sense.