Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Sew Printed Onesie

Sorry my photo is crooked. It isn't on the onesie! lol

Here is what you'll need (Note: This tutorial is only for the name. The added applique can be done following the "OWLplique" Tutorial.

Freezer Paper
Acrylic Fabric Paint
Paper and pencil
Cutting blade
Onesie or shirt
Cutting board (or any surface that you can cut on with the blade)
Sponge Brush

First draw out the name and trace it onto the matte side of the freezer paper. 
Next I'd leave at least 1 inch of extra paper around what you are cutting so you have overflow room for paint.

Once you cut out the inside of the letters (and be sure to save the little circles from like the inside of the D and the inside of the E. You'll need to iron those on.) 

Sorry this is upside down. 
Now Apply the paint slowly with the sponge brush. Be careful not to go over the edges of the paper. Not too thick, but don't leave white showing. 

Allow to dry. This took about 30 minutes to dry. Peal slowly the paper off of the shirt.

And there you have it. Machine wash cold.

Other examples of shirts I have done can be found on Facebook at
Evelyn's Closet : Custom Tutus, Bow, and more. 

Enjoy personalizing!


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