Saturday, March 12, 2011

Willing To Be Intentional

Here is my motivation. I bet you'll think I'm about to give the "tithe" sermon. I assure you, I am not! 

Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 

The Bible repeats a lot. As I'm sitting in my son's floor asking him for the 100th time to please be still so we can get dressed for bed, I'm reminded of all of the biblical repetition and can't help but feel a bit silly. The constant repeating of instruction to my son is done in the hopes that at some point those things will soak in. 

This particular verse is on my mind this week for so many reasons. It all started when I began thinking again about my school plans for my little ones. I was reading a favorite blog of mine and the writer was discussing being intentional when dividing her time between her children. She has a few more than me. (Try 8 more than me.) It always amazes me how the simplest of ideas can really open a door to new thinking and understanding.

My mother and I were recently in a discussion about changes that people need to make in their own respective lives. We concluded what we've both known and most people also realize. Any one person will only do what THEY want to do in any one situation. If Suzy Q needs to forgive someone, she only will when she chooses to do it. If Jane Doe needs to lose weight, it's only going to happen when she decides. So my question is how does it come to that point? The point of choosing and wanting and moving forward. 

There have been things about me in my life that I have found myself begging God to change. I don't want to be lazy in any aspect of life. Okay God PLEASE make me more motivated. I want great relationships with people. Okay God help me invest the time. I want to do the best I can by my children in regards to their raising and education. Okay God send me someone who can teach me all about these things and somehow give me the ability to do it all. 

Praying is all well and good, and I believe it is the first thing one who is looking for a change should do as they approach it. What happens though, when said desired change doesn't happen? Was God's answer "no", or did we miss the boat somewhere? 
It hit me today that the answer may lie in this verse. Where my treasure is, there my heart will be also. Ever heard that saying: "Don't put all of your eggs into one basket."? I feel like it can be applied to this verse. I know there are people who don't seem to want to do anything well, but I also believe there are people who want to do everything well. I'm in the latter group, and I'm always baffled by women that I meet who seem to do it ALL well. I know they are not perfect and that their struggles come just like mine, but it seems they are sailing through things that I still struggle with on a daily basis.
I've decided to really search out my heart. To decide what my goals are in my faith and my position in life, and that the only way to do any of it willingly will be to place my treasure there. I'm only going to want to clean my home if I place a bit of my treasure in my husband's heart. I will want to care for his needs from me as his wife if he holds a bit of my treasure. I will place a bit of my treasure in my children. I'm only going to find the ability to care for them the way I feel called to if I manage to make it a treasure. I'm going to put a bit into my relationships, and I'm going to put all of the control of those things into God's hands to that ultimately all of my treasures will lead my heart to a closer relationship with him where I'm willingly allowing him to guide me in the goals that I have. 

No more crutches for this girl. I'm intentionally willing! Or at least willing to give it my best shot and pick myself up when I forget for a minute! 

Place your treasures carefully!

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