Saturday, March 26, 2011

Putting a most beautiful bird in a cage

Sorry to post so late for today, but I spent all day long with my super talented, beautiful, smart friend who was in town to work on something for her wedding..

Something she is going to wear. Something I am making for her to wear on her actual wedding day! 
Can you believe that?
Me? Are you sure you trust my modest talent for something so extremely important?

Have you guess what it is yet? 

A beautiful birdcage style. 

Sorry, I didn't take any photos for myself as I wouldn't dare share her wedding day look if you paid me, but I can set it up for you. 

Her veil is a bird cage style. Tilted to the side. Soft, understated and elegant. The perfect compliment to her beautiful dress. Long, taffeta, pockets, WOW.

We kept talking about Carrie Bradshaw as we worked on our collaborative avant garde, yet vintage inspired work of art. I was thinking that Carrie's was a bird cage style, but it wasn't. It just had a bird in it...

I can't wait for my friend's wedding so I can share our creation. 
It was difficult to start. I think we both freaked out a bit, but then... something beautiful started happening and... we have a veil! 

Moral of today's blog: Don't ever be afraid to try something. You MIGHT shock yourself and come up with something BEAUTIFUL in the process. 


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  1. You're the super talented one friend!! Thank you so much for being the hands that made such a wonderful piece for my special day! I love you!