Monday, March 21, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Faux Flower Clips

These are EVERYWHERE now and range anywhere from $3 to $10 a pop. 

Here is what you'll need:
Excuse again my ugly glue gun station. If you craft for very long you'll have a gross mess like this.
Glue Gun
Rhinestone Buttons
Faux Flower 
(single stems found just about anywhere)
small strip of ribbon
needle and thread
hair clip

To start, pull the flower off of the stem. Remove any plastic parts and pull all layers apart until you have only all single fabric pieces. 
(Helpful hint: Check your flower AT the store! If it is super glued or hot glued together, you won't be able to do this project with it.)

I switched flowers! :)
Next flip the entire flower upside down and grab the bottom piece. 
Stitch your small piece of ribbon to the center like so:

Flip back over and begin to glue layers together. 
Avoid getting glue in the center hole for two reasons: 
You WILL burn yourself with it, AND you need it there for your button! 

Once you have them glued together you will have a hole in the center deep enough to put the loop on the back of the button through. If you just bought a flat back rhinestone this will work the same way. 
If you bought or salvaged a reg. button you'll be glad you didn't glue up the center because sewing through hot glue will break your needle. 

Place a bead of glue (small enough to not bleed out, but large enough to be strong enough to hold button.) in the center and place button pushing it down into the hole. 

Now use that strip of ribbon on the back to attach your clip. 

Happy Crafting! 


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