Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little play room spice on the side.

So my photos tonight aren't beautiful, but it is just my awesome phone's inability to take a decent photo inside of this house. 

That said, recently we moved into a new home and as such we have been doing a lot of organizing. Finding a place for everything has proven to be a challenge, and especially since we seem to be adding new things all of the time. I found a great deal on paints and a large pad of paper at Target, and just had to get it for Valentine's Day for my kids. What I didn't think about was where we were going to put all of the beautiful art. Since our playroom is evolving and just beginning to take shape, I decided to do a little project in between orders to show my little ones how fantastic I think their work is.

I'm always looking for ways to promote learning (more on my desire to teach them can be found @ Giving Of Me - Willingly) and creativity. I knew for sure I wanted to display numbers and the alphabet on the walls in the room, but hadn't decided how until the paintings came into play.

We decided to do an inexpensive functional hanging system:
again this photo is TERRIBLE. Please don't judge the project by this lame attempt at a photo. :)
Here is what you'll need: 
Clothes Pins
Card Stock
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
2 hooks (will show up close photo of what I used)
some sort of wire or string. (We used metal tie wire we had bought to use on the back of a photo frame)

Start off by drawing your design onto the card stock and then cut it out. 
Hot glue the face side of the design and then lay it down on the felt so that it looks backwards. 

Cut out the shape in the felt around the card stock.
Hot glue the letter to the clothes pin.

Now you'll want to decide where to place your hooks and wires. Screw your hooks into the wall at the same height and run the wire/string between them. Be sure whatever you use is strong enough to hold what you plan to hang.
I will probably go back and somehow spruce this up, but it is so small that it wasn't a major concern today. 
Last thing is to hang your kid's most prized masterpieces.

This project only took about 30 minutes start to finish.

Tweak the colors, or use letters instead, but definitely show your kids how proud you are of their work, and put up something functional, inexpensive, and educational at the same time!


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