Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Positive work spaces anyone, and distractions

We just moved. What? It was four months ago? No. 
Okay, it was in December, and I am completely embarrassed to say that while the inside of our home may look unpacked and great, our garage looks like this:
No, don't say it. We're not hoarders! Okay, my husband isn't a hoarder, but the term "pack rat" may or may not have been mentioned in the same sentences as my name a time or two..hundred since birth. 

Most of this though is sadly my work items. My unique special work that I pour myself into. 

I decided to take control today and make a real work space. A happy, organized, official work space. We've done  LOT already, but I want to get it finished before I show you how to make your crafting space less a clutter. For my husband it is difficult when I get in crafty mode because I end up blowing up all over the kitchen table and counters. I then stop mid project, or take on more orders making it impossible for me to pack up all of the items needed for my job. 

I'm taking it on one category at a time and putting it all OUT at my work station in a functional organized way. No more digging for the right ribbon or tulle. 

On a side note, I did get completely distracted from my organized for just a few minutes to make this:

Be watching for the helpful hints for organizing your crafty work space and check the Evelyn's Closet Tab for some amazing new head pieces being added. 


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