Thursday, March 17, 2011

watered down...

With all of the events of the past weeks I've been thinking a lot about water. Too much, too little, and what happens in between.
A tsunami hit Japan. I hope I'm fine to say that most of us feel that a tsunami that devastates land and life is considered too much water. No going home because it has been swept away. No need to wash your car because it is under water. Water water everywhere, but none clean to drink. Please don't think I am criticizing our maker or his infinite, sure plans. I'm simply trying to show a comparison to my next scenario. A couple of years ago I lived in Houston, TX. and we were suffering a drought. No car washing, lawn watering, swimming pool filling, etc. in an attempt to not waste the clean water in the city's supply. 

Water is the most important thing on earth as things go that pertain directly to what will keep our human flesh alive.
If you are sick, push fluids. I.e. drink WATER! If you are hot, drink water. If you need to cook, use water.  

This brings me to wondering how much water, real or metaphorical, is the just the right amount for us. 

I hears a man in KLOVE yesterday talking about the watered down beliefs. He said: "Non believers will always be put off by the gospel. Nobody likes to feel guilty, and when facing sin, people get offended. What is even more offensive to them than that though, is when a believer waters it down" . 

I think in a lot of cases the "watering down" happens for two reasons. The first is in an effort to not smother someone with our beliefs. Two people with different opinions can respect one another so long as one side doesn't feel it necessary to try and change the mind of the other side. Nobody wants to lose someone that they value as a friend, so the sugar coated version suits them best in regards to their outward display of their beliefs and faith. The second reason to water it down is for those who are just not sure. Maybe they believed following a trend among friends or family, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty they just don't know for sure. 

I can see where a non-believer would be annoyed here. Have you ever asked someone why they don't believe in God? I have, and the response was sure. Not only will they say why confidently, but they will also not consider that you might be offended to hear about it. Why too, would they ever be compelled to listen to your side of the discussion when you're not even sure enough to be able to own it and live it without watering it down. 

Everything is best in moderation except for Jesus. Need him, crave him, love him. Don't over water down your faith to accommodate others, or you will drown your own seed. Don't neglect to water the people you meet because that is our purpose. Go out into the world sure of what you know and believe and share it accordingly. No need for a judgmental tsunami your beliefs, but definitely a steady daily showering of love, compassion, and life by example. 

I certainly don't want to ever be the person who pushed someone away for any reason, but I'd rather it be that I came on too strong, than because someone saw me say I loved him, but I watered him down too much in my daily life to convince anyone that my feelings were true.


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