Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Midnight inspirations make me a...Yo-Yo?

My sweet friend Sarah was up late last night like me and feeling crafty. Her inspiration, inspired me. 

Felt (but you can use anything) Yo-Yo Flower
Super fast, and you can probably make a TON of them without ever leaving your house for supplies. 

You Need:
Needle and Thread (Some say to use special kinds, but regular works just fine)
Scissors, Felt (or fabric of some sort), 
a circle to trace (you'll want it about twice the size you want your flower to be), 
a button or something to put in the center, 
and an ink pen or fabric pin. (Doesn't matter, won't show!)
I chose a couple of buttons because I wasn't sure what the flower would look like finished. This is my first time Yo-Yo-ing
First: Trace your circle. 
And cut it out...
Then grab your needle and thread.
First you'll want to make a knot in your thread (double knot for felt so it doesn't slide right through) and then sew one stitch into your felt a few times and make a knot so it won't move from that exact spot. 
I just realized my circle is terrible. It's 7a.m. and still dark out. What do you expect from me people? Only 3 hours of sleep here! ;)
Next stitch all the way around the circle. Don't worry...it won't stay bunched until you pull the thread.
Pull the string to make a small bag or in my case a garlic clove. 
While pulled tight, push bunched top down into the center:
Use remaining thread to stitch it down through the back and make a knot to hold in place.
Apparently I'm also cold because my silly ring won't quit sliding. Oh well.
Choose a button... add said button:
Now, you may be wondering if this will be a bow. Not this time but it could very easily be. All you'd need to do is hot glue it to a lined alligator clip or unlined clasp clip. 
I'm going to use about 99 more of these for another project. 

Stay tuned!


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