Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Party Planning on a dime part 1 - planning

I realized this week that I have exactly 4 months to plan my daughter's 2nd birthday party. 
Last year she had a big 1st party, but she also shared it with her brother as we lived away from family and wanted both kids to get to celebrate with them. 

I of course as with everything else have grand plans for my sweet girl's birthday bash! 

Disclaimer: It's a GREAT idea to take your child's birthday party upon yourself,and having big ideas is just due to your intense love for your little one. Prepare things like sugar cookies up to a week in advance and freeze them. Make the cake 2 days before and freeze it. Ice it 1 day before and refrigerate it. In the end DON'T skip your shower and self preparation because you're finishing last minute details. Designate helpers or abandon the small stuff. NOBODY will notice if you didn't hang the paper lanterns you wanted because they never got made.

The theme is: TEA PARTY! 

We're not going to a tea room. Instead I'm going to make one in our lovely back yard. We have a gorgeous setting and plenty of space. 

I know the areas where I won't be able to save so I have to find ways to cut the cost in every area that I can control. 

First I'll be making the cake:
I love this, but not necessarily these colors. The level of difficulty, however doesn't look my speed.

No this is more my speed. Trade the yellow a purple blue or something muted and we're in business. 
I'm sure I could find a Teapot cake pan, but I already have the perfect size ball pan from my mother. It has been in our family since my little brother was 3 I think. Great way to save money. 
I will buy the cake mixes when they are on super sale at the grocery over the next few weeks and save them away. I ALWAYS make my mother's decorating icing. 

Next I'll make Cupcakes for the guests and I've been dreaming about these cupcake molds since I found out I was having a girl. 
4 for $15 isn't frugal so I have a few choices. I can serve them ONLY to my daughter's friends and everyone else can get regular cupcakes or I can try to make all of the cupcakes like mini versions of the cake (not my fav. idea because of time). I'm considering buying 1 pack a month until the party, but before I do that I'll be checking my local Sugar Bakers store and the craft stores for anything similar. If I decide against it I will probably make the cupcakes into flowers  to go wit the Garden side of the tea party theme. 

I am NOT a fan of purchasing party favors so I don't really have to worry with saving there. I'll be making tea pot cookies, maybe pink rock candy sticks, and pink candy covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles. 
Making these the week before and freezing them will save a TON of time in the days prior to the party. 


Since we'll be outside I'll have my trees to work with. I found these darling tissue balls and again I already have everything but the foam balls. I will buy them every other week with the 40% off Hobby Lobby Coupon. 

Of course I'll update as I go through the process and show you how I get a completely unique full party on a dime. 

Happy Planning


  1. I Love love love this blog entry! I just made a cake for my daughter- wish I saw this post first! Where is that follow button?????

  2. Thank you so much. The top left has a follow link, but I need to add a bigger button. I'll work on that right now!