Monday, March 14, 2011

These are killing me:

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to share a bit of what is currently killing me. I have been completely out of commission for 3 days, but I was only "better" for 3 days before that from my previous attack. My ears are throbbing, my throat is sore, and my sinuses are ablaze. Here is why:
Exhibit A: Bradford Pears
Not the one in my yard as I can't go near it for fear of dying, but mine is this color and bigger. 
Exhibit B: Daffodils. Again not mine, but they line my sidewalk out front and are in full bloom. 
I've tried it all now. Zyrtec, steroid shots, and antibiotics. Nothing has worked. NOTHING. It's time for a new approach. During a much needed lunch date with my girlfriend, I received some great info. She described my symptoms to me exactly saying that she had suffered in the same ways. She told me what she was taking and how she has felt great ever since. COUNT ME IN! 
I'll let you know how I progress, but hopefully you'll know I'm among the living by the flood of posts! 

sniff sniff, cough cough, wince wince, 

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