Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Sneak Peak

I'm so blessed to be entirely too busy with orders to have time for a full post today, but...

Teaser Alert: 

Since there was an abundance of interest in the Veil...

I'm still not going to show it, BUT...

Before the actual wedding there will be a friends reception as the wedding is very intimate with limited guests. 

We were SO excited to begin this project as we were embarking on a version of the birdcage veil that we have never seen before. One with a soft fold being used as the edge instead of a cut edge, or netting. 

After we made the main masterpiece I had a brain child that led to another custom one of a kind piece that will be worn to the pre-wedding reception.

Here it my bedroom...without hair fixed...with a brightly colored watch...

It's incredible how something so small can say so much, and beautiful how one piece of fabric sitting still can have the feeling of movement. Simple. Elegant. A COMPLETE accident turned perfect piece! 

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak. 

Stay tuned for the real deal and pic of this little cutie from the wedding and party! 


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