Sunday, March 6, 2011


Tu-tu Anyone? YES PLEASE! 

My Daughter Evie Claire on her first birthday!
I'm not going to lie. Tu-tus take a bit of time. Maybe an hour or two for one depending on the size and how much you embellish, but the finished product on an excited little girl is priceless! 

What you'll need: 
The one I am making is a 4T so I will give measurements on that size. 
Spools of Tulle (Hobby Lobby carries these an usually runs a sale on them for 50% off about every 4 weeks) 
Measuring Tape
Needle and Thread/ Sewing Machine
1 inch elastic band (Walmart - best price)

Step one is measuring the waistband. I needed 18inches (It stretches so I do a few inches smaller than what their actual waist measures) Cut and stitch together to make a circle.
Next you will need to cut your Tulle. I needed 24 inch strips. To be sure I get roughly the same length every time I lay the tulle over what I just cut over and over again. 
Okay this part isn't pretty. (You're about to see that I make EVERY single Tu-tu sitting in my living room floor. Ha!) 
Put your waistband around your (bare is easiest) knee. 
Mine will be bare shortly.... you'll see! 
Take a strip of Tulle and tie it on like so: 

Repeat....OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Usually about 96 times. Yes....I said 96!!!

About halfway there!
So I tend to bunch them as close as I can so that I get a really full skirt, but generally just make sure that when the waistband stretches, there is enough tulle so that the white doesn't show.

So you want to embellish? Here are a few ideas....
Bumblebee...... I make Antennas to go with mine!

Birthday girl with matching head piece. You can sort of see the sequin waistband and the glitter tulle. I also incorporated ribbon in the skirt.

So you have Daddy's girl? Represent that fav. sports team like my fav. little Addi Kate! Go Titans!
Hope your creation leaves you simply saying : "Tu-tu Cute!" 


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