Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're Alive. I Promise.

Last I left you
we were on the verge of surgery 
for my sweet husband.
Since then:
We went to surgery on Friday.   
And he got cool socks...
 and he was the cutest sick man EVER! 
Our sweet nurse Vickie prayed with him before he went back.
I did a lot of waiting. 
It was super early in the morning. 
and after 45 minutes and 3 of these
I was ready to see my husband.
After all...
 I had something very important of his
that I needed to give back to him. 
He was a star patient. 
(more on that this week)

Thanks to all who prayed for 
THE love of my life! 

All the glory be to God 
for his faithful protection and 
healing hands on Bradley.

On Monday (yes 3 days later) I drove him to 
Nashville and put him on an airplane to Tulsa.
I wont' see him again fro 35 days. 
(Heart breaking)
To feel better we did this...
This is Addi Kate's house.
Her mother has been my best friend for 15 years.

Addi has great toys!

And the same sip cups as us because JennJenn bought us ours.

We went to a museum with a cool tree house.

And Evie was her normal sassy adorable self!

And Jennifer packed light. ha!

Sorry for the blurry ones.
My kids move fast! 

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  1. LOVE IT!! LOL. . .light packing right! We had a blast, hope to do it again VERY soon!