Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet Sissy - Giveaway

Since I am a self starter with Evelyn's Closet, I LOVE to meet other self starters working their little tails off to make what they love and make it well. Like Sissy...

She makes something yummy. Something natural. 
She makes....
"Spa products including bath soaks,
sugar scrubs, lotions, homemade soaps 
and custom gift baskets."
This one is "Oats-n-Honey In Goat's Milk. Sounds amazing!
And I'm dying to try this one...Starbucks & Vanilla!
Are you drooling over that as much as I am?
 I had the pleasure of meeting her today, and she was generous enough to give me TWO bars of her soap. One for me to try 
and one for you to WIN!

Her soaps come in a wide variety of shape, color, and flavor.
(can I say flavor?..because these things sound so great they are almost tasty!!)
 Sissy can cater to your custom color or design to match your bathroom, kitchen, gift giving needs, etc. She also makes way more than just your traditional bar of soap.

Yes, that is a chocolate bath soak!!!!

single soap rose petals! Would be perfect in a foot bath.

Here is her description of her products. 
"Most soaps are made with goats milk & shea butter, others in avocado cucumber or olive oil including herbs and natural additives.
Shea lotions in a variety of fragrances
Sugar scrubs with all natural products including Vitamin E (a natural preservative)
Bath soaks combine old healing remedies and new age. Available with herbs or fragrance."
Now, most of us are ladies here, and I know there isn't a girl around who doesn't like great soap. It has to smell right, feel right, be right. 
I am beyond picky with my "products" so I will tell you first hand that I couldn't wait to get home to try mine. My entire purse smells amazing from carrying it around. 

And since Sissy was so kind to give me two... I'll give one to YOU!
A bar of Honeysuckle soap- perfect for Summer

All you have to do is "like" Sissy'sSoap
and come back to comment telling me you've done so. 

 Sissy will be joining me as a featured vendor at 
Kitt's Market in Knoxville, TN on 
June 4th at Kitt's Cafe. 
You can also find her on @ her online shop:




  1. I liked her page! Honey suckle soap sounds amazing! :)

  2. I also liked her page! I love that you find all these little gems for us! xoxo

  3. I liked her page too! I wonder if these are kinda like the Lush soaps!