Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A little sickness

Sorry to be m.i.a.
but we're suffering from a little 

(I am not the one sick, but this is the only "sick" photo
we have and it is too precious not to share. 
I had just had E and A thought I needed his babies to
help make me better. )
  at our house.
And... It's a rainy day. 
so, this little guy and his sister are stuck
staring at their back porch longing to go out and color!
Trying to get it ironed out so 
I can get back to you lovelies

Here are some things to check out while you wait:

(yes, that again! GET INVOLVED IN YOUR CITY)

2. Joe McGee Ministries
 Brad and I listen to Joe A LOT! 
He is smart and knows the word!
Practical biblical advice for YOU! 
Joe can also be found on:

3. Kitts Cafe 
(for those in Knoxville)
Great place for breakfast and lunch
on weekdays, and about to host
an awesome handmade 
shopping event 
Kitts Market
your very own

will be featured at!!!!
If you've ever wanted to shop in 
person. This is the place to do it. 
I will be offering a bit of everything.  

4. take a moment to visit my
Scentsy site:

Scentsy make an EXCELLENT 
Mother's Day Gift! 
All orders placed during May will 
be entered to win a FREE plug in warmer
and bar of their choice! A $25 value!

Since I'm stuck on the couch I might
as well do a giveaway too:
How about a free Scentsy 
room spray,travel tin, AND scent circle
in the scent of your choice? Yes? 
Okay great!
-follow my blog(only option required for entry)
but you can also:
-leave a comment for each of those. 
-Bonus entry for anyone who shares
on their FB and or Twitter for additional entries.

giveaway winner will be announced Friday, 
and free plug in /bar will be announced on the 31st. 
remember ANY order qualifies you to be entered! 


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