Sunday, May 15, 2011


One of my sweet bloggy friends had the cutest post: 

and while I don't usually do the "play along" things, I just loved the idea.
A.B.C's of Me.

So here it goes....

A. Age
I make a lot of the jewelry/hair accessories I wear.
I love my boots. All of them.
B. Bed Size

C. Chore I Dislike
Washing Dishes

D. Dogs?
Now lives with my In Laws because the move to TX was just too much for him. :(

E. Essential to start my day

F. Favorite Color
Lately I'm obsessed with blues and Mustard!

G. Gold or Silver
But I really like both gold and silver.

H. Height

I. Instrument
So far my only instrument is my voice,
but I'd love to learn Piano or anything with strings.

J. Job Title
1st I'm a Christian wife to my best friend. 
2nd I'm a Mommy to 2 amazing kids.
3rd In Home Handmade Shop Owner - giving it my best try!

K. Kids
Abram - My first born. My love.
Evelyn Claire

L. Live

M. Milk
ANY but mostly organic vitamin D 

N. Nickname
Depends on who you ask.
Husband: stinky pants (don't ask)
Grandmother: Courtie Beth
Aunt: Courtisha
Kids: Momma 

O. Overnight Hospital Stays
18yrs Jaw surgery
23yrs Birthed Abram
25yrs C-section with Evelyn Claire

P. Pet Peeves
spelling words wrong on purpose.
lying at all. ever. 

Q. Quote from a Movie
Anything from Sweet Home Alabama. 
For some reason the lines from that are locked in my brain.

R. Ring Size
I think I have 3 different sizes. A 4.5, 4.75, and a 5 
all on the same finger. 
S. Siblings
Older Brother - far right. Middle Brother - Far Left. Baby Brother - Center.

T. Time you wake Up
Now around 8. When Brad is home...most days 
around 10 because he loves me that much! 

U. Underwear
I wear it

V. Vegetables you don't Like

W. What makes you Late
A lot of the time I'm late in the mornings because of sleep, but really just..

X. Xrays I've had
Jaw, knee, teeth...

Y. Yummy food I Make
If it's not yummy I don't make it. 
I like comfort food. 
People tend to like my baked goods. 

Z. Zoo animals I Love

I have always LOVED Elephants.
I took this picture a couple of weeks ago at our Zoo.
I loved being so close to them. 
Evelyn Claire.... did not. Now she is even afraid
watching Horton Hears A Who. Seriously.

Well that's me by way of the alphabet.


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  1. You have such a beautiful family courtney! I loved all these pictures! :) thanks for sharing
    and thanks again for the blog button, i love it!!!