Friday, May 27, 2011

Pouring out what's "On My Heart" : When you're almost TWO

What's on my heart this week is my almost two year old little girl
Evelyn Claire

When you're a little girl and you're almost two,
your mommy will begin to think. 

She'll remember all of the wonderful things you have shared with her in just two short years. 

She'll dream of all of the times you will share over your beautiful life. 

She'll smile and laugh a little to herself because,

When you're almost two:
Mommy spends time every evening filling up your jewelry box. 
Beads, Coach tags (good taste sweetheart), 
cell phones (because every girl needs multiple phones),
your little ipod, cash, watches, and a magic wand.
I think about how I hope these things fill you with imagination.
I LOVE how girl you are. 

I also very much love your:
love for "coloring". When you are almost two, you're quite the artist.
You don't know this, but most girls your age don't get ink pens. 
You get them because you eat crayons. Like candy. Without fail, every time you get one.
So I give you the pens and spend the last few minutes before your
almost two year old head hits the pillow, wiping you down to remove the ink. 
Every night. With a smile. 

When you're almost two your mommy still makes sure
that your crib is perfect before you get into it, 

even though you'll just terrorize it in the night.
I know full well that you like more than one paci, 
and if baby doll isn't there, we're going to have some tears. 
The other two lovies are from your uncles, and you never loved 
animal toys until the week kitty and piglet came into your life.

When you're almost two  you don't know that THIS:
Is an example of how much I love you and your bubba.
are books you will cherish your entire life because I read them to you often, 
and you will probably read them to your kids one day.

I know you don't understand that I buy the expensive milk because:
it makes your brain smarter! 

You probably think Daddy and I are crazy when we get down on all fours frantically searching for this:

And though I said I'd NEVER buy character clothes...
I took pleasure in buying you this outfit and you love it so much that you hug it before we put it on.
When you're almost two you don't realize that your fun
is God's way of growing Mommy, and curbing Daddy's OCD about messes. 
We never knew how much we'd invest in this:
When you're almost two, the one thing you DO know more than anything....
Is that we love you more each and every day. 
We are so blessed to have our lives forever changed because of your almost two 
precious years. 
I want you to know that:
and I think you do because I sing it to you EVERY least three times. 

This is you...

At "almost" TWO! 

Mommy (Courtney)

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  1. Wow it's so amazing to see how far our little girl has come in almost two years. We love you so much Evelyn Claire and Daddy really misses his little girl.

  2. Oh the tears!!! :( it blows my mind that they grow so fast but wow nothing better than watching them grow ;) <3

  3. Such a sweet post!! Two is a wonderful {and very busy} age of finding independence. You've captured moments of almost being two perfectly.