Monday, May 16, 2011

Gour-Make It Monday - You tell me Pot Roast

You may not know this about me but, 


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My husband.... hates it. 
I never make it. 
In fact, 
I have NEVER made one EVER. 
I do have 2 in my freezer though. 
And I'm just itching to get out my crock pot 
and smell something amazing from it 
for a few hours in my home
only to follow that by eating something 
truly scrumptious. 

Someone tell me how!
It needs to be fool proof. 
No strange veggies please, 
but other than that I'll try whatever. 

It's your turn to show your expertise. 
I'm ALWAYS doing the showing. 
Somebody show me! 

Lets have it then....

What is your BEST Pot Roast recipe? 


I will take two recipes posted. 
I will try them both and blog them both. 
I will give YOU the tasty awesome recipe glory! 

I want comments with recipes when I wake up! 
kidding.. but seriously...comments! 




  1. We eat roast at my house a lot because it's one of the things we can all agree on. I recently tried something new, that sounds kinda funny if you know me, but it works and is delicious. Thaw your roast, and place in the bottom of croc. S...prinkle on packet kroger brand reduced sodium brown gray mix, one packet ranch dressing mix, and 3/4 packet italian dressing mix. I use kroger brand for all. Then, add in 1/2 cup water depending on how big your roast is. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 6. When it's done it will shred with a fork right in the crock pot if you want and you can stir it in the "gravy." That reminds me of the pot roast at Sullivans. About veggies, sometimes i use potatoes and carrots and sometimes i dont. I tend to not, and then serve with mashed potatoes, but it is totally your call. Enjoy!

    Note, if the roast is really huge you may want to add a little more water. The less water the thicker the "gravy."

  2. I LOVE POT ROAST TOO! It is so easy and mmm-mmm-good. Look, I don't get fancy with it, I just throw everything in the pot and cook it until tender. For example, buy a pot roast (most importantly - grass fed, local, humanely raised beef!!), & toss it in the crock pot. Next, add your favorite veggies on top.. mine are carrots, red potatoes, green peppers, celery, chopped onions, & cherry tomatoes. Next I like to throw in some worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, a little basil, salt & pepper. Some also like to throw in a packet of pot roast seasoning or onion soup seasoning. Then fill the crock pot with water until the contents are all covered. Stir a tad. Cook on low for 8 or so hours. It's pretty easy! And you can season to taste, for example, throw in some hot sauce if you wish. You almost can't go wrong!
    Love you!

  3. I love pot roast too - it was one of my mom's specialties at her restaurant, so I know how to do it. After several cuts wasted because I apparently didn't do it right (I really think my pan wasn't tightly sealed and the meat dried out), I was looking for a foolproof recipe. This is it:

    Read the reviews because, if I correctly remember, people suggested putting the veggies in half way through.

    If your potatoes get overcooked, you can mash them to your liking. The meaty flavor is FABULOUS!

  4. Lori said:
    Here is my version of croc pot roast. I buy (1) organic roast, (1) organic beef broth, (1) bag of organic carrots (the baby ones that are raw), (1) can of cream of mushroom soap, (1) onion soup packet - I us...e lipton, (1) large onion, diced to your liking, (1) bag of new potatoes, washed and cut in 4's. I pour a small amount of the beef broth in the bottom of the croc pot, then add the roast. I put the onions on top of the roast and then the potatoes, the the carrots go on top. I mix the rest of the beef broth, the cream of mushroom soup and the onion packet together and pour over the entire thing. Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours, I usually stir towards the end, just to make sure all the carrots are in the juice. Cook till meat is super tender and veggies are fork tender. Makes the house smell yummy. Hope you enjoy!

  5. This is making my mouth water! I have a pot roast in the freezer ready to go!!

  6. I love pot roast too! I just throw mine in with some beef broth and onion soup mix....can put in potatoes too and carrots, but I usually leave out the carrots as I don't like them :) Cook in the crock all day and it comes out melt in your mouth good! YUM

    Miss you! I could learn so much crafty stuff if you were still here. lol